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Friday, April 26, 2019

17 Homemade Tricks And 20 Natural Techniques To Blast Your Tummy

Belly fat can be so embarrassing and look more like a nuisance to the person because it does not give you your desired shape by making your clothes tight.
Belly fat is also known as visceral fat which tends to be very harmful, to classify a person’s weight and foretell the dangers of metabolic disease, many health organizations tend to make use of the body mass index of the person (BMI).Adult, Body, Close-Up, Exercise, Fit

Using this method can be misleading because of those who have huge belly fat can be having more health risk even though they may look lean physically.
Trying to lose fat in a particular part of the body especially belly fat may be very hard and task but it is possible with the help of these simple rules.
Consuming Green Tea
Generally, green tea is known to be a wonderful beverage healthwise because it has antioxidants and caffeine which helps to boost your metabolism.
Research has proven that the presence of a catechin (EGCG) in green tea works well in tummy blasting, to get the best result from this; you need to use it alongside with some exercise.
Also, note that consuming green tea alone can trigger weight loss but needs exercise for effective tummy blasting.
Make Your Diet Rich InSoluble Fiber
Foods with plenty soluble fiber helps to blast your tummy as soluble fiber consumes water and produce a gel which makes the digestion of your food slowly. This in a way helps you to be full for a longer period of time making you reduce food consumption naturally whereby triggering weight loss and effective tummy blasting as it reduces the number of calories your body consumes. Examples of foods with plenty of soluble fiber are legumes, Brussels sprouts, flaxseed, blackberries, avocados and shirataki noodles.
Eliminate Stress
When your stress level is high then it is possible to accumulate tummy fat, this is because the stress you are undergoing will make your adrenal glands to secrete cortisol which is also called THE STRESS HORMONE.
It has been discovered that this hormone triggers your appetite many you to eat more where by enabling your abdominal fat storage.
This is seen mostly in women with large waist because respond faster to stress as they secrete more hormone which makes them have tummy fat and also get fatter around the middle.
To reduce your weight gain in the middle or tummy fat, try to decrease your stress levels, practice yoga and also get involved in some activities that will relieve tension and stress.
Stay Away From Foods Rich In Trans Fats
Tran’s fats are dangerous as they are produced by adding hydrogen to unsaturated fats. This can be found in soybean oil, spreads and kinds of margarine and mostly in ready-made foods.
Discoveries have said that these Trans fats are connected to gaining tummy fat, heart disease, inflammation, etc.
To eliminate tummy fat, try to read through the ingredient labels of any food you purchase to know whether or not does it have Trans fats.
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Reduce Your Carb Consumption
Decreasing your intake of carb is very necessary when trying to lose tummy fat. Those who are overweight can lose their tummy fat easily if they can consume less than 50 grams of carbs in a day. Even discoveries suggest that you take unprocessed starchy carbs instead of refined carbs so as to enhance your metabolism and blast your tummy easily.
Reduce Your Intake Of Alcohol
Alcohol has its own health functions when taken in small proportion but can be very dangerous when taken in large quantity.
Discoveries made us know that a high intake of alcohol increases your tummy fat; this is because high levels of alcohol encourage the high rate of fat stored in the waist region. So when you reduce your alcohol intake it will help to trim your waistline.
Decrease Your Sugar Consumption
Sugar is very dangerous when taken in excess as it is rich in fructose which has been connected to various chronic and deadly diseases such as fatty liver disease, heart disease, obesity, etc.
Discoveries found the connection of high tummy fat with high intake of sugar, to blast your tummy, you need to curb your sugar consumption even healthy sugars such as honey should be used occasionally.
Partake In Aerobic Exercises
You can enhance your health and burn more calories easily with the help of aerobic exercises
Discoveries have shown that doing aerobic exercises is a quicker way to blast your tummy. So getting yourself involved in this an exercise program can help you a lot especially in trimming your waistline.
Make Use Of Coconut Oil Instead Of Cooking Fats
Coconut oil is seen as one of the healthiest fats you can consume. Even discoveries show that the medium chain fats found in coconut oil can help to enhance your metabolic health and reduce the number of fats you store in your abdomen due to your calorie intake leading to effective tummy blasting.
This is because when you consume coconut oil, instead of increasing your fat, it helps to replace fats you have consumed to coconut oil.
Stay Away From Beverages That Are Sugar-Sweetened
Sugary beverages are embodied with liquid fructose which adds more fats to your tummy and is more dangerous than foods with high levels of sugar. This is because the brain does not deal with liquid calories in the same form with that of solid calories, so these calories are later stored in your abdomen as fat making you have more abdominal fats.
To lose your tummy fats try to stay away from sugary beverages such a sweet tea, soda, and punch.
Consume High Proteinous Foods  
 If you want to blast your tummy fast then you need to make your food or diet high in protein, it also helps in weight control because when eaten it secretes PYY which is the fullness hormone, making you eat less.
Discoveries show that those who eat more proteinous foods lose more weight than those who eat less of it. It helps to trim your waistline within days.
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Have Enough Hours Of Sleep And Rest
Sleep is very essential and good for everyone especially those who want to blast their tummy. Even discoveries show that those who sleep less are likely to gain more weight then those who sleep more.
Try to sleep at least seven hours at night, that is having quality sleep and if you have any sleeping problems or disorder try to visit your health provider for advice.
Have A Diet Plan
When trying to blast your tummy, many criteria are involved which includes eating foods with lower calories than what is needed by your body. This is one of the key factors in maintaining a low weight or losing weight or blasting your tummy.
To make this possible or easier to attain, you need to have a food plan or make use of an app or online food tracker so as to keep a watch on the amount of calorie you consume on a daily basis. Check your app store for more info.
Include Apple Cider Vinegar To Your Day To Day Diet
Apple cider vinegar has some outstanding health qualities which also includes helping you to reduce the levels of your blood sugar.
Make sure you dilute your apple cider vinegar with water so as not to harm your enamel with it.
Consuming Fatty Fish On A Weekly Basis
Consuming fatty fish works wonderfully on your health because they are enriched with omega 3 fats and good protein that will help to keep you from all diseases and decrease your abdominal fat (tummy blasting). Examples of a good source of fatty fish are sardines, salmon, mackerel, anchovies, and herring.
Practicing Weight Lifting
This is also known as resistance training, as this helps to keep and gain more muscles. With researches, it has been discovered that strength training and weight lifting can help well in blasting tummy or weight loss.
It is advisable to meet with medical personnel before engaging in it.
Avoid The Intake Of Fruit Juice
Fruit juice as we all know gives us minerals and vitamins but it also contain high levels of sugar as you can find in sweetened drinks and soda. Consuming a lot of fruit juice can make your tummy bigger than expected.
To get rid of abdominal fat, you need to quit drinking fruit juice and take water instead.
Consume Foods That Contains Probiotics
Eating foods enriched in probiotics helps your the immune system, enhance your gut health and many more. Discoveries have shown that bacteria (probiotics) found in different foods helps in stabilizing your weight and blast your tummy.
Change Your Way Of Life And Inculcate Other Methods
Changing your way of life which includes practicing a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits can help your weight loss plan or tummy blasting regime in the long run. This is because the more you follow a healthy regime you tend to lose more fat easily with little or no effort and no side effects.
Engage In Fasting Occasionally
This has been a popular technique for those who want to blast their tummy or loss weight fast. This technique involves having an eating routine of eating and fasting at intervals.
You can practice this method by involving in 24 hours fast once or two times within seven days. Or the practice of fasting 16 hours on a daily basis. This has been shown to help blast tummy within the range of six to twenty-four weeks.
While practicing these methods you need to have it at the back of your mind that your tummy can get bigger due to the following
Consumption of sugary foods
Alcohol intake
Genetics (that is in the blood or runs in the family)
Practicing a poor or unhealthy lifestyle
Consuming foods high in trans fats
Eating foods with low or zero protein levels
Having insufficient or no sleep
Lots of stress
Drinking lots of fruit juice
Eating foods with low or zero amount of fiber
You can blast your tummy using homemade tips as listed below
The Use Of Dandelion Tea
Most tummy or abdominal fats are due to water retention in the body or abdomen which results in bloating, with the help of dandelion tea; you can detoxify your body which will decrease the amount of liquid or water in the abdomen making it tummy blast easily.
Get a teaspoon of dried dandelion leaves
Pour a cup of boiling water on it
Leave it for 10 minutes before straining out the leaves
Add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey
Mix and drink.
NOTE: DO NOT take this tea if you have issues of gall bladder or block bile ducts.
The Use Of Chia Seeds
Consuming chia seeds help to add enough omega 3 fatty acids to your diet. It is very helpful for those who are vegetarian and wants to lose tummy fat as it will keep them full for long curbing gluttoning.
Always eat or chew or add one tablespoon to your smoothies, oatmeal or cereals.
Consuming Gurmar
Gurmar is known as an ayurvedic herb that helps to curb gluttoning as it suppresses your appetite and helps to slow down sugar absorption in your body.
You can get gurmar and chew them daily.
Consuming Triphala
Triphala is a herb that does not only help in blasting your tummy but also helps in curing stomach issues.
Get a teaspoon of Triphala
Mix it in a glass of warm water
Consume it an hour after eating your dinner.
Drinking Cranberry Juice
Cranberry juice works wonderfully well in the cure of respiratory issues, heart problems, urinary tract infections, cancer and kidney stones.
Although, cranberry juice tends to be very difficult to drink alone, so you need to add water to it make it drinkable and tasty.
Get 100% pure cranberry juice
Mix 2 cups of water to a half a cup of cranberry juice
Consume this mixture after a meal.
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The Use Of Coriander
Coriander can help to boost your body metabolism, burn more calories which will aid easy tummy blast. All you need to do is to prepare yourself a glass of coriander juice and drink daily, if you find the taste not palatable enough, then add some lemon juice to enhance the taste.
The Use Of Green Tea
Green tea is enriched with many nutrients and antioxidants which work amazingly in your body, such as reduces the risk of cancer, tummy blast, enhance your body metabolism, enhances your brain and memory power and weight loss.
Get a green tea bag in a teacup
Add boiling water to it
Add some mint leaves
Add honey
Leave it for 15 minutes to steep
Drink after meals.
The Use Of Peppermint
Peppermint works well in stabilizing your metabolism rate, aids digestion, helps to blast your tummy and general weight loss.
Prepare a cup of peppermint tea
Add some lemon juice and drink daily.
Always remember to do at least half an hour exercise along with this drink for effective results.
The Use Of Coconut Oil
You may wonder, why coconut oil as it contains fat on its own, but coconut oil comprises of unique fats that enhances your body metabolism, the fats produced by coconut oil is converted in the body to energy and it helps to burn fat hereby helping your tummy to blast easily.
Use coconut oil instead of your normal cooking oils and remember not to mix coconut oil with any of your cooking oil.
Consume 2 tablespoons of coconut oil daily.
The Use Of Guggul
Guggul is an herb that converts the fats in your body to energy and enhances your body metabolism.
Get some guggul
Add it to a glass of milk, water
Add a teaspoon of honey.
The Use Of Hot Peppers
When you eat spicy foods mostly hot pepper, it is a great way to lose fats easily and enhance the body metabolism.
This is because hot pepper contains capsaicin which enhances the body heat and burns more calories whereby causing tummy blast or weight loss.
Get some hot peppers and eat cooked or dried or cooked
You can also eat or include cayenne pepper to your food, soups, dinner dishes and stir-fries.
Get some Habanero peppers and do same
Habanero peppers and cayenne peppers work wonderfully well because they contain large amounts of capsaicin.
Consumption Of Fish Oil
Fish oil is great when it comes to your health and tummy blasting; this is because it is enriched with omega 3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA which are needed by the body.
Also, it enhances your mood, gives you strong bones, and helps to break down fats in your waistline.
Take a spoonful of fish oil on a daily basis
You can also eat fish that are enriched in omega 3 fatty acids on a weekly basis such as salmon, tuna and mackerel.
The Consumption Of Ginger Tea
Ginger is also a herb that works well in the tummy blasting, stomach upset, nausea and general weight loss.
Moreso, it helps to slow down the secretion of cortisol (stress hormone) which is the major cause of weight gain.
Get a spoonful of nicely grated ginger
Add 2 cups of water
A ½ spoonful of lemon juice
A spoonful of pure maple syrup or honey
Allow to boil and leave for 10 minutes to steep
Drink this mixture at night before going to bed.
By Drinking Lemon Juice
Drinking lemon juice is an amazing method to blast your tummy at home, as it does not only blast your tummy but also clean your liver and hinder fat to be stored in your tummy.
Get a ½ slice of a lemon
Squeeze the juice into 2 cups of water
Feel free to add some zest into the mixture
Stir and drink in the morning on an empty stomach.
The Use Of Garlic
Garlic is a multi-purpose herb that works amazingly in tummy blast, stabilizing blood pressure, boost the immune system, reduces body weight and decrease triglyceride rate the body.
Get 4 heads of garlic
Separate each to cloves and do not peel
Put all these cloves into a jar
Add honey to it and cover the jar
Leave it for days for the honey to infuse
Consume a tablespoonful of this mixture on a daily the basis on an empty stomach.
The Use Of Cinnamon
Cinnamon like ginger is a great herb for tummy blasting as it also performs the work of boosting your metabolism, weight loss, and reduces sugar levels.
Add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to your daily meals such as pancakes, oatmeal, smoothies, and baked foods.
Always Stay Hydrated
This is by drinking enough water because of dehydration causes weight gain and also headaches.
Always drink 2 liters of water at least on a daily the basis to help your body release toxins and keep you hydrated all day.
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