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About Me

I am a woman who believes in educating my fellow women on how to treat most of their health issues using homemade remedies and how to look beautiful and radiant. I believe looking good is an act that should be practiced by all women and should be done effortlessly without having to queue up in beauty saloons spending time and money that can be useful in the family upkeep.

The Knowledge of how to use homemade remedies effectively is something every mother needs to have to save lives and her family before doctor's call which we regard as first aid.

This is an age long activity which was practiced by our mothers in the past but was abandoned because of civilization.

In our growing years, many mothers had to keep their family healthy and going with the help of things she has in her kitchen because doctors and hospitals were not easy to come by.

I created this blog to discuss women-related health issues, helping them to solve most pressing health issues with the help of homemade remedies that can be found in their kitchen before doctor's call in other to save lives,

It also talks about how to handle your general health, woman health and child health at the comfort of your home.

As a wife and a mother, I learned, inherited and trained on how to make use of things in my environment to solve some pressing issues before doctor's call to help save lives which I believe will be beneficial to many mothers out there.

 Looking good is a thing and the knowledge on how to go about it is another thing, so also a family member having some health issues is a thing but the knowledge of being able to use your kitchen knowledge to save the situation till a doctor arrives is another important knowledge all mothers need to have.

As a woman or reader of my different posts, knowledge is not limited to a particular person so after reading any of my posts feel free to comment, contribute or give your own suggestions to help other women or readers learn from your own ideas or experience.

Please note that this blog is only informational and does not really mean you follow all instructions given, any information followed should be done with the prescription of a medical practitioner.

Also, to disperse this information of mine, I wrote some e-books to help women who really wants to have the knowledge of doing things in the comfort of their home or those who are adventurous in nature, these books are listed below.

Facial and skin homemade remedies (slimming root)

 Natural hair treatment and anti-aging

Learn how to make body cream, make-up and facewash

Contact me via email at debbieolamum@gmail.com for your copies delivered to your mail.

Have a nice time learning from this blog !!!

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